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The approach of Andor Foldes’s playing is in the way he articulates every note of each piece. Beethoven played a significant role in the pianist’s life, inspired by his idol Wilhelm Backhaus. His Liszt’s Sonata dazzles with its clarity and precision. As a imaginative pianist, Foldes does great honor to himself and to the music he serves. He is a pianist very much worth investigating.

ANDOR FOLDES Piano Recitals in Germany 1950-1968

BEETHOVEN: Piano Sonata No 25 in G Major, Op 79
Recorded ∙ 26 October 1950 ∙ Frankfurt ∙ Studio ∙ HR ∙ Radio Studio Recording

BEETHOVEN: Piano Sonata No 9 in E Major, Op 14, No 1
SCHUMANN: Toccata in C Major, Op 7

Recorded ∙ 20 October 1952 ∙ Frankfurt ∙ Studio ∙ HR ∙ Radio Studio Recording

BEETHOVEN: 32 Variations in C Minor, WoO 80
LISZT: Piano Sonata in B Minor, HS 178
DEBUSSY: Deux Arabesques, L 66
DEBUSSY: La plus que lente, L 121

Recorded ∙ 03 April 1968 ∙ Bremen ∙ Funksaal ∙ RB ∙ Radio Studio Recording

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Release date: 14 September 2020
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Total timing: 74:32
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October 2021 ∙ French Diapason ∙ Laurent Muraro ∙ Andor Foldes · Piano Recitals in Germany 1950-1968
A Francfort, le Hongrois Andor Földes (1913-1992) prodigue en 1950 (Sonate no 25) et 1952 (Sonate no 9) un Beethoven solide. Une sonate de Liszt captée à Brême en 1968 vaut cependant le détour pour son savant dosage entre trajectoire calculée et esprit d’improvisation.
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