Elly Ney ∙ German Radio Broadcast Recordings 1944


Elly Ney was a disciple of both Theodor Leschetizky and of Emil von Sauer. Her Second World War German radio recordings are turning up on this CD release for the first time. She did have a big career prior to the Nazi regime, but Ney went with the times and adopted the Nazi ideology, becoming a heroic figure for a regime she wished to fully represent. Ney’s post-war career was haunted by her Nazi past and her career somehow decayed. But this is an important recording for admirers of the German piano tradition. Her idea about Mozart style reflect late-19th-century practice in the frequent cadential and transitional ritards, and tapered phrasings.

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ELLY NEY plays Schumann, Mozart and Schubert

Schumann: Piano Quintet in E-flat Major, Op 44
Elly Ney ∙ piano
Hoffmann String Quartet: Norbert Hoffmann 1st violin ∙ Wilhelm Martens 2nd violin ∙ Fritz Laur viola ∙ Hans Adomeit cello

Recorded ∙ 14 March 1944 ∙ Breslau ∙ Senderaum ∙ Reichssender Breslau ∙ Radio Studio Recording

Mozart: Piano Concerto No 15 in B Major, KV 450
Elly Ney ∙ piano
Kammerorchester des Deutschen Opernhauses Berlin
Ernst Schrader ∙ conductor

Recorded ∙ 19 October 1944 ∙ Berlin ∙ Funkhaus Masurenallee ∙ Saal 1 ∙ Reichssender Berlin ∙ Live Recording

Schubert: 14 German Dances, D 783
Elly Ney ∙ piano
Recorded ∙ 01 December 1944 ∙ Berlin ∙ Funkhaus Masurenallee ∙ Saal 2 ∙ Reichssender Berlin ∙ Radio Studio Recording

Article number: MC 1029
UPC barcode: 791154054055
Recording dates: 1944
Release date: March 2015
Total timing: 67:56
Booklet: 8 Pages
From the Original Masters ∙ © 2015 Meloclassic

May 2015 ∙ MusicWeb International ∙ Elly Ney plays Schumann, Mozart and Schubert
Recordings devoted to Elly Ney continue to appear from time to time, though they are largely devoted to her commercial legacy. This one mines studio recordings made in Berlin and Breslau in 1944 and captures her in the role as concerto soloist, chamber player and solo recitalist, a nice distribution of talents. It’s always valuable to hear Ney, not least in works that escaped commercial recording. The notes set the scene well, and don’t gloss over the pianist’s aberrant conduct during the Hitler years.
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August 2015 ∙ British Gramophone ∙ Rob Cowan ∙ Elly Ney plays Schumann, Mozart and Schubert
Not only is Melo Classic issuing many fascinating never-before-released radio broadcasts, but also the transfers are unhindered by tiresome excessive filtering and the CDs include exhaustive booklet-notes, which, for example, relate pianist Elly Ney’s alarming policy of giving the Nazi salute prior to her concerts. Melo’s interesting disc of her wartime broadcasts features an account of Schumann ‘s Piano Quintet where this outsize personality actually proves herself a most sensitive chamber player alongside the Hoffnann Quartet, the sombre second movement stretching to 11’19”. lt’s a memorable performance, more so than Mozart’s Concerto K450 under Ernst Schrader, which is a little halting. Schubert’s German Dances, D783, sound oddly prosaic.
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