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These CDs are sold out and will not be in stock again, but could be provided as individual downloads for 5 €/CD (FLAC/MP3). If you are interested, please send an email to order@meloclassic.com

MC 1001 – Wilhelm Kempff plays Mozart, Rameau, Couperin, Beethoven and Schubert
MC 1005 – Monique de la Bruchollerie – The Chartres Piano Recital 1959
MC 1007 – Wilhelm Backhaus Vol.1
MC 1011 – Branka Musulin plays Chopin and Ravel
MC 1016 – Annie Fischer plays Beethoven, Mozart, Händel, Schubert and Bartók
MC 1019 – Tatiana Nikolayeva – The legendary Leipzig Piano Recital 1966

MC 2003 – Yehudi Menuhin – The Ascona Recital 1952
MC 2004 – Tibor Varga plays Beethoven and Bartók
MC 2007 – Miriam Solovieff plays Bach, Mozart and Brahms
MC 2010 – Siegfried Borries plays Dvorák, Beethoven and Schubert

MC 3000 – Enrico Mainardi plays Beethoven, Brahms and Bach
MC 3002 – Ludwig Hoelscher plays Dvorák, Valentini, Bach, Grieg and Chopin
MC 3005 – Maurice Gendron plays Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms and Fauré
MC 3006 – Maurice Maréchal plays Debussy, Tartini, Sammartini, Beethoven and Brahms
MC 3009 – János Starker plays Kodály, Beethoven and Bartók

MC 4000 – Busch Quartet – The Frankfurt Concert 1951
MC 4002 – Strub Quartet plays Schubert and Westerman